We believe your home is your sanctuary and everyone has the right to live in beautiful and functional spaces.  

We create authentic bespoke homes tailored for you and your style of living.  

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Sonya is an award-winning designer specializing in luxury residential interiors. Sonya is well known for masterfully crafting bespoke, sophisticated homes tailored to her client's style of living. A published designer, Sonya designs spaces that balance beauty with functionality. Whether it be a heritage home or a new build, she strives to meet her clients' needs while considering the unique qualities of the architecture they impact. Outside of work, Sonya loves to travel or spend time at the lake with her husband son and two daughters. She finds design inspiration everywhere and at every moment. Every place she visits always has a story to tell and she loves help her clients find theirs.

meet Sonya

I’m creative, charismatic, and will cry while watching any romantic movie. I believe that each season has it’s beautiful, magical moments and that each wedding is truly one of a kind. I want to guide my couple to be their complete selves on their wedding day and taking in every single moment they can. I simply adore love and cherish my career of capturing the best moments for the best couples. I can only hope we get to meet someday soon!

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